presents: Beginner Stamped Metal Clay Pendant Tutorial.  METAL CLAY HAS ARRIVED!  Our newest artist on set Roxanne Coffelt owner of ShanghaiTai LLC will walk you through the basics of metal clay crafting.  Roxanne is certified in metal clay and this lesson is the perfect place to begin mastering the art form.  

You will be crafting a pendant that can be strung and worn when it is complete.  You will be using a stamp with a pattern of your choice on it that will allow you to easily imprint your design right into your clay.  Learn the basics and start molding your creations today!

For this lesson you will need:
Work Surface Such as a Piece of Glass or Tile
Roller to Roll Out Clay
Deck of Playing Cards
Rubber Stamp (To Imprint Your Clay)
X-ACTO® Knife
Small Coffee Straw
Metal Clay
Jump Ring (Oval Shape Preferred)
Emery Board
Brush With Brass Bristles
Lubricant (Olive Oil)
Sink or Bowl of Water
Dish Soap or Hand Soap
Device to Fire Your Clay With
Burnisher (Optional)
Straight Edge Razor (Optional)
Stencils to Cut Clay (Optional)
Awl (Optional)
Cool Roller (Optional)
Saran™ Wrap (Optional)
Mug Warmer (Optional)