Check out our new homepage image!  We wanted an image that is very inviting and welcoming to all the jewelry designers that visit our site.  We also wanted an image that portrayed both the model in the image as well as our company in a good light.   The subject is lit very glowing high key light and the image has a nice balance between the model and her jewelry.

We felt that our old home page that tossed viewers right into the lessons was a bit jarring.  This new page should help briefly explain our mission and guide designers into checking out the different types of jewelry making videos that we offer.

When I reflect on this image, this comes to mind:
Without the human element, jewelry would be non-existent.  Without jewelry, mankind would loose a major way in how we display our interests, motivations, and beliefs.  It's amazing how jewelry is such a strong factor in human self-expression.

Happy crafting this weekend!

photo credit: IMG_0690 via photopin (license)