presents: “Hardware Store Jewelry” Wire Wrapped Hinge Butterfly Pendant Tutorial.  When nature becomes infused by mankind’s creations, a whole new perception of jewelry making is born.  In this lesson, Susan Karczewski continues to teach you how to make unbelievable jewelry out of hardware store parts.  

You will learn how to wrap wire around a door hinge to create a remarkable butterfly pendant that can be strung onto a necklace.  Never before has nature influenced the world of jewelry making in such a bizarre way.  Master your wire wrapping skills and show your friends and family your newfound understanding of how to create jewelry out of hardware store parts.

For this lesson you will need:
Wire Cutters -
20 Inches of 16 Gauge Silver Round Wire -
20 Inches of 24 Gauge Silver Round Wire -
Two 6mm Silver Jump Rings -
Two 2” Silver Head Pins -
1” x 3” Hinge With Six Holes In It -
Nail Polish - Turquoise:
                      - White:
Silver Metallic Paint Pen -
Two 6mm Glass Beads -
Fifty-four Size 8 Seed Beads -
Twenty-four Size 11 Seed Beads -
Needle Nose Pliers -
Hammer -
Wood Block -

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