presents: “Hardware Store Jewelry” Wire Wrapped Statement Necklace Tutorial.  In this lesson, Susan Karczewski’s “Hardware Jewelry Series” becomes even more extreme!  

Learn how to make this statement necklace out of a bathroom DRAIN COVER! To make this piece, you will be wire wrapping as well as beading.   Discover how to make incredible jewelry using hardware store items that you would have never thought of using before!

For this lesson you will need:
Nine 8mm Beads (Same Color Set) -
Six 6mm Beads (Same Color Set) -
Twelve 6mm Beads (Same Color Set) -
Twelve 6mm Beads (Same Color Set) -
Four 8mm Jump Rings -
Toggle Clasp Set -
Two Pieces of 9” Heavy Chain -
26 Gauge Silver Colored Wire -
20 Gauge Silver Colored Wire -
Needle Nose Pliers -
Wire Cutters -
Measuring Tape -
3” Aluminum Drain Protector With Clip -
1-5/8” Drain Strainer Snap-in 3-Prong Style -