in association with Purr-fectly Unique Jewelry presents: Magic Wrap! Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Crystals.  This lesson will teach how you to wrap and accent a crystal with a decorative wire wrapping technique.

Published jewelry designer Susan Karczewski from Indiana will walk you through how to select your wire, wrap your crystal, and secure it so you can hang it from the necklace of your choice.  This lesson is perfect for any jewelry designer who is eager to learn how to wrap the odd shape of a crystal. Watch this video to learn how to wire wrap the crystal of your choice today!

For this lesson you will need:
Measuring Tape -
Painters or Auto Detailing Tape (One Quarter Inch) -
20 Gauge Round Wire -
Alcohol Swab -
Crystal -
Needle Nose Pliers -
Wire Cutters -
Permanent Marker -